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The French are big porn consumers, but not hardcore. On the other hand, French actresses travel the world for this profession of sex seller.

Selling the body is a beautiful label

It's true that it's not always fun, because insults don't stop, but it still helps to survive. Many of the pornographic actresses have already built her life's dream with pornography. The only weak point of this job is our loneliness, because we would have to regain strength to be ready the next day. And there, even the little family doesn't want to live with us, even if we're very rich. They're always ashamed to hang out with a porn actress. The other thing that makes it even worse is that it is difficult to find love, to start a family.

The brutal porn with the slag

The French like to shoot videos with group sex. We are talking about gang bang, sex tape, sex tape, free trade, trio, square porn and also orgy and others. For young people, they no longer require a film frame. They can fuck in the woods, in cars, in the station, in the garbage, in any place where sex can penetrate. In addition, french porn no longer selects its actresses as strictly and severely. Whether she has big breasts, or nipples, they can still be used in a coupled porn movie. Whether they have small or big butts, when they're a good-looking asshole, it passes. Yes, because you can hide the face during the shooting, you can only show the sex and not the face. The double penetration thing is a great scoop of hardcore porn scenes. We also have the girl who doesn't stay like a starfish without doing anything, moaning or screaming.

An actress who cries is also a plague in this hardcore vision. On the other hand, the one with conviction and the panther cry is the best.

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