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Two granny lesbians often make little treats and enjoy the small pleasures of life. But one of these sexy little devils is a mature fat sex doll. This time, they go to a luxury hotel for a relaxing time. The mature woman loves to touch the mature fat sex doll and believe in the offer of good sexy times together. Also, the mature fat sex doll was naked on the massage table and the second woman begins to coat the sex doll with oils and to massage her sensually.

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Feeling her friend's hand trembling, the red mature decides to return the favor and take this old blonde in a burning sexual atmosphere. It thus puts on the back to receive the oiled his partner caress. She starts massaging these hanging tits and insisted loudly nipples. The mature slut spreads well oil until this very mature mold. Then she spreads her legs and wet with the liquid fat and then pushes all his fingers into the vagina. Then she sucks pussy licking the clitoris well well highlight of his girlfriend. Both women feel satisfaction when the blonde ends with an orgasm on the table.

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